Active Managers

Momentum Analytics Can Maximize Returns and Reduce Risk

According to S&P Dow Jones Indices SPIVA® the vast majority of funds underperform their benchmark. Most of these funds lack the inclusion of momentum factor analytics.

Superior performance is about capturing trends. A simple overlay of a sound momentum model can contribute to
maximize returns while lowering risks. Momentum is a strong and persistent factor well documented by prominent
academics. Momentum is a perfect complement to fundamental strategies as it is negatively correlated to value investing.
Momentum is also a disciplined methodology to help neutralize the “disposition effect” to let profits run while cutting losses sooner. Trendrating’s trusted analytics and applications make adding momentum to any investment strategy fast and easy.

Benefits for Active Managers

  • Actionable momentum ratings (A,B,C,D) on over 15,000 global equities, indices, sectors, ETFs, currencies and commodities across 50 countries
  • Next generation of Momentum models
    which reduces the drawbacks of old school
  • Easily incorporate momentum into most investment decision processes
  • Adopted by 100+ customers and chosen by FTSE Russell to create a new series of momentum indices

Supported Tasks in Trendrating

  • Validate investment ideas
  • Screen the market for new opportunities
  • Use momentum as an additional selection criteria (alpha)
  • Use momentum to optimize tactical allocation (smart beta)
  • Create, test and optimize momentum strategies as an overlay to existing portfolios
  • Spot momentum reversals early with daily alerts on your entire universe
  • Easily import portfolios and export analytics