Custom Strategies

Trendrating is the leading provider of momentum models, analytics and software.
Our momentum model captures key trends earlier and filters out price noise.
The result is a unique “ momentum rating” system that can strengthen and complement the investment decision process.


Trendrating is the first company to offer a well validated rating methodology to measure momentum ( A,B,C,D

This makes our analytics highly actionable and easy to integrate into most strategies and models.

A=strong bull trend | B=beginning of bull trend | C=inception of bear trend | D=strong bear trend

Trendrating provides customized strategy solutions to meet each client’s desired investment criteria. Clients can elect to white label our momentum strategies which cover for over forty equities markets globally. Our expert R&D team has deep domain knowledge necessary to develop and support custom momentum strategies for asset managers, exchanges and ETF providers.

Strategies can be customized based on the following criteria

  • Investment Universe
  • Market Capitalization
  • Volatility
  • Holding rules
  • Rebalance Frequency
  • Momentum

Let momentum increase your success

  1. Create and test an overlay of momentum on top of your strategy and measure the increased performance
  2. Build alpha capturing strategies on your preferred investment universe 
  3. Add a smart beta layer to your investment methodology
  4. Fine tune the strategy design with different criteria to find the one for you

The Strategy Builder is a premium add-on to our platform

The Strategy Builder is constructed with a broad range of features to support alpha capturing strategies for active managers as well as smart beta models for index fund managers. Strategy Builder enables Chief Investment Officers and Market Strategists to create momentum factor indices with the ability to optimize the selection and weighting of securities according to personalized criteria. In the past, incorporating momentum within most investment styles has been a difficult challenge. Our Strategy Builder was conceived to provide very transparent and measurable momentum metrics, which are easy to integrate into any existing strategy.