Trendrating is the leading provider of momentum models, analytics and software.
Our momentum model captures key trends earlier and filters out price noise.
The result is a unique “ momentum rating” system that can strengthen and complement the investment decision process.

Trendrating Feed is a file delivery solution utilizing FTP to deliver ratings data that helps clients enhance their proprietary analytics, financial portals, decision support systems, and more.

With access to our consolidated feed, clients will gain access to detailed ratings information, including Valoren identifier, Exchange ISO code, Currency code, Ticker, ISIN code, Name type (Stock, Index, ETF…), Country ISO code, Currency ISO code, Rating, Date, Price, Numeric Rating, Previous numeric rating, UPI, Duration, Magnitude, Rating date, Previous Rating date, and more. Up to 15 years of historical ratings data is available by region (The Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific).


Global Ratings
Trendrating covers over 20,000 indices, sectors, ETFs, stocks, commodities and major currencies across 40+ countries.

Ease of Integration
Trendrating Feed can be utilized by popular portfolio optimization platforms including Matlab, R, S-Plus, etc. to easily incorporate momentum into existing quantitative strategies.


Leverage our superior momentum rating in many ways

  • incorporate our momentum rating in your research and broaden the value of your reports
  • use momentum analytics across the portfolios to generate alerts and strengthen risk control
  • incorporate momentum ratings into your models for a more sophisticated ranking
  • use our analytics to create or optimize your own indices
  • adjust the weightings on individual investment with momentum