Performance Management Platform

Trendrating is the leading provider of momentum models, analytics and software.
Our momentum model captures key trends earlier and filters out price noise.
The result is a unique “ momentum rating” system that can strengthen and complement the investment decision process.

Trendrating is the first company to offer a well validated rating methodology to measure momentum ( A,B,C,D

This makes our analytics highly actionable and easy to integrate into most strategies and models.

A=strong bull trend | B=beginning of bull trend | C=inception of bear trend | D=strong bear trend

Professional managers are able to measure almost everything: fundamental ratios, estimates, volatility, correlation, and risk. But they are missing tools to measure one of the most important factors – the price trend. Trendrating is changing this.


Trendrating analytics help you in many ways

  • Be alerted in time about new trend under development and key reversals that can impact your portfolio
  • Monitor your holdings and objectively spot winners and losers before it’s too late
  • Enhance returns while reducing risks
  • Identify or validate new investment ideas
  • Measure the aggregated momentum of your portfolios and optimize at a tactical level
  • Analyse and compare momentum across countries and sectors to select or overweight the areas of strength