Online Brokers

Take Your Trading Platform to the Next Level with Actionable Momentum Analytics

According to Celent, in order to remain competitive in the industry, online brokerage firms must continue to develop new strategies to attract and retain higher-value accounts, as well as active investors and traders.

eBrokers have started offering investors a more actively managed approach (“Momentum Portfolios”) in addition to other factor-based portfolios, signaling a broader industry move away from passive investing.

Benefits for Online Brokers

  • Actionable ratings on over
    15,000 global equities, indices, sectors,
    ETFs, currencies & commodities
    across 50 countries
  • Momentum historically outperforms
    other investment factors, with higher risk-adjusted
    returns (Sharpe ratio)
  • Provides a unique source of actionable data
    which investors stand to profit from
  • Increased revenue from more frequent
    customer trading if momentum strategy
    is rebalanced monthly
  • Create premium offerings using
    the same ratings data chosen by FTSE Russell
    for their Momentum Indices

Benefits to Investors

  • Unlock the potential of a robust momentum
    analysis to improve returns
  • Quickly identify new developing trends
    for every stock and ETF
  • Systematically incorporate the discipline
    of letting profits run and cutting losses early
  • Select the winners from any market and sector
  • Receive daily alerts of key trend reversals
  • Validate investment ideas
  • Capitalize on momentum when fundamentals
    are out of line with market prices