Private Bank

Impress Clients with the Industry’s Most Accurate Momentum Analytics

According to Boston Consulting Group, the UHNW client demographic is growing more than twice as fast as any other category. This surge in business is resulting in a high demand for financial planning, investment management, lending and financial concierge services provided by private banking.

Despite a brisk business, private bankers also face challenges as their competition intensifies. Competition among local banks, universal banks, brokerages, advisers and family offices is fierce, and strong investment returns are crucial to maintaining and attracting new clients. Fast adoption of value-added technology applications is critical in the battle to deliver better returns.

Benefits for Private Banks

  • Actionable ratings on over 15,000 global
    equities, indices, sectors, ETFs, currencies
    & commodities across 50 countries
  • Expand the breadth and quality of service
    by incorporating intelligence that brings discipline,
    transparency and efficiency
  • Improve the performance of the accounts
    you manage or advise
  • Create personalized investment strategies and
    impress clients with robust statistical validation
  • Advise clients using the same ratings data chosen
    by FTSE Russell for their Momentum Indices

Supported Tasks

  • Run health checks across an unlimited number
    of portfolios and check daily alerts page to keep
    clients in the best performing investments
  • Screen for momentum on thousands of stocks
    and to find the best performers while spotting trend
    reversals to sell the losers
  • Construct your own strategies to tilt momentum
    alpha or smart beta as an overlay to your existing
  • Create eye-catching reports which leverage
    momentum charts and graphs to back up your
    investment ideas to enhance client relations